• Réalisation : Coralie FARGEAT
  • Direction de production : Benjamin CELLIEZ
  • Régie Générale : Noémie LANCE
  • Régie Adjointe : Laurent BILLON
  • Auxiliaires de Régie :
  • Stagiaire Régie :
  • Type : Long-métrage


Production : A Good Story
Période de tournage : 2022
Diffusion : 2023

Casting : Demi Moore, Margaret Qualley et Dennis Quaid

Lieux de tournage

Paris et Région Parisienne

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Have you ever dreamed of a better version of yourself? Someone who would be you, only better? You should try this new product, THE SUBSTANCE, which is circulating under the coat…
With the Substance, you can generate another you, younger, more beautiful, with a perfect body… You just have to share the time.

A week for you and a week for the other you…
Easy right?
Are you ready to share? And, above all, will the other you be ready to share? And for how long?…

When ELISABETH SPARKLE, 50, a former Hollywood star actress converted to aerobics on television, is violently dismissed from the channel because of her age, she lets herself be tempted by the Substance to generate another herself…
Thanks to the Substance, she « generates » SUE, a sublime young woman in her twenties, with dazzling beauty and a perfect body.

They share the time, one week one, one week the other… but little by little, Sue has less and less desire to leave room for « the other », who seems to her more and more unattractive and useless… and she will start nibbling extra time… which will alter Elisabeth more and more…